Thursday, January 07, 2010

UPDATE: Nine days wasn't long enough...

UPDATE: Berry posted a flock of pics from vacation
at his blog. Go here to view.

Berry is winging his way back to Indiana.
We had a wonderful time even if we picked
the coldest week of the year. Didn't matter.
We stayed warm and busy.

I took only a few photos. Berry took about 1200
plus several videos. He has post fodder to last
a long time.

And, Sparky has a new buddy.

I'll be around to catch up with everyone
after I process all the memories.


Diane said...

Glad you had a good visit! And glad you're back :)

the walking man said...

Staying busy keeping warm, sounds like a good time was had by all.

Jean said...

Thank you, Diane! It was an amazing week.

Mark, you are so right. Awesome!

foam said...

sounds like a great time for both of you. that's good ..

Jean said...

Yes, Foamy, we accumulated terrific memories. Will be adding more.

Hope you are doing ok, dear.

bearly domesticated boneman said...

so...has Sparky decided if i can move into the garage with him yet?
Or is he still pist about me sampling some of his bacon?

Jean said...

He has forgiven you completely.