Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ho Ho Ho and Channukah Haiku...

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Sparrow thinks of everybody.
She chose two topics for the Haiku Contest this week:

****** CHRISTMAS **** and **** CHANNUKAH ******

Pick one or both and submit yours by 10pm Wednesday.


reflect, remember.
gather friends and family
in heart if not home.

Let it snow for some.
Fire burning warm inside.
Others want palm trees.


bearly domesticated boneman said...

OK, I'll go give it a try.

but...I feel weird about it.
It said there was one comment here when I clicked on it and yet, I'm in here alone.

(' )(' )
or at least, I think I'm alone....
( ')( ')
uh-oh, I hear a drone
(, )(, )
oh man oh man I'm kind'a scared,
( ,)( ,)
what the heck could be there?

Jean said...

Timing is everything, dear. I was deleting a spam invader when you were here.

Anonymous said...

Christians united
Blame the jews for everything
Because He is dead

Merry Christmas?

Anonymous said...

Happy Channukah!
Though not from Veronica.
I know - LATE AS HELL!

Yunus said...

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