Wednesday, September 16, 2009

UPDATE: Haiku in sight...

Sparrow's topic for this week's Haiku Challenge is:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VISION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

UPDATE: Please VOTE before 11 pm Thursday for your favorite.


She was a vision
in his eyes. Beauty, sweetness
personified. True?


boneman said...

my vision must be
blurred a bit 'cause I can't see
any Jean's po'try

Jean said...

havin' trouble getting it together.

Sparrow said...

Too pooped to poeticize. I know the feeling, Jeannie!!

Jean said...

Speaking of pooped...I finally managed to squeeze one out just for you. heh. There I go again, being a shit ;-)

boneman said...

folks told me that the spiders holding my eyes was weird.

So, in the spirit of finding things better, I trotted out a new avatar.

oops. My nose isn't there.
(well, at least I don't smell fact. I don't smell at all)
No ears...WHAT? What did you say?
I can't hear you!

Jean said...

Can you hear me say G(.)(.)F ?...ha!

boneman said...

yup! G( ')( ')F hears ya!

Jean said...

Well, it's a sign you're having a good day so far, right?