Tuesday, July 07, 2009

the Haiku Lady is home...

Sparrow has returned from a partial world tour
and the Haiku Challenge is again.

You know I'm happy.

UPDATE: Remember to VOTE for your favorite by 11 pm Thursday.

The topic for this week: the Fourth of July.

The Haiku form is three lines of poetry; first line has
five syllables, second line has seven syllables, and
the third line has five syllables.

Deadline to submit your entry is 10 pm Wednesday.

Check out the prize Sparrow is sending for this week's winner.

Let's try this one...

oh say, can you see
where we've been and where we are
now? Happy with that?


praise the lord and pass
the ammunition. We can
do that here. Or not.


Have we forgotten
what the fireworks stand for?
Bombs bursting in air.


Anonymous said...

Mail me my friend our PC bit the dust....
I like this on no kids have been on it to booooogggggg it down!

Jean said...

I thought you had been quiet lately.