Thursday, November 13, 2008

the Haiku Lady calleth...

It is time, once again, to crank the ol' brain gears
for one of the best peeps on the planet.

Sparrow has chosen a most timely topic for this
week's Haiku Contest:


Deadline to submit your brilliance is 10 pm Thursday.

Go forth and make change! (sarcasm, folks, sarcasm)

my entry:

Invest in yourself.
Take care of your life and loves.
Returns that sustain.

ATTENTION! ...go back to Sparrow's place to vote
for your favorite haiku for the week. Please.


Sparrow said...

As always, thanks for the blog pimping, my dear!

dianne said...

Very thoughtful Haiku Jeannie. ♥

kdzu said...

Great returns on investment through your plan.

Jean said...

My friend, it is always my pleasure!

Dianne, I like yours best :-)

Larry, bless you ♥

dianne said...

Congratulations Jeannie, I voted for you for for your haiku was beautiful and said so much more than the importance of money. ♥

Jean said...

Thank you, Dianne :-)

Deadman said...

momey is honey

rich men's jokes are always funny

if you have nothing...

Brigid said...

Yours was a treasure, and I can see why you won.

Jean said...

tanx, B :-)

Deadman... you need to enter these things!