Sunday, May 04, 2008


no one's looking,
dreams are
the back of my brain like
that have no
I see
Do they see


Erica said...

I see
dead people.
Do they see


Jean said...

Yikes, Eri... is that 'Sixth Sense'?

dianne said...

Jean are you having those kind of bad dreams that leave a feeling of unease with you throughout the day and make you feel anxious? I really hate those.

Jean said...

No, not really, Dianne. I rarely remember dreams.

kdzu said...

Good Question.
Are they your shadows.........
......or mine?

Jean said...


Corby said...

good one!


Abbadon said...

I see a handgun in your future...

Doom said...

Ah, fears. Shadows of my mind anyway. Guns won't help free one of most of those, it is merely and purely fear itself. Things that were, things that are, and things that are to come. Claustrophobia is my newest lady of darkness, my fear in lace, love, and death.

Ok, enough oddity. Is it of fear with which you speak (write)?

Jean said...

thank you, Corby.

Mark - well, actually not. When I went to the range the one and only time, it made me realize that having a gun was not a good choice for me.

Doom, indeed.

Abbadon said...

Can I interest you in a nice bazooka, then?

Jean said...


Anonymous said...

Something in the dark unseen.

I can almost taste it.

Fear is becoming my friend.
We stay close.

I think I see it.

Senses on high, I wait for dawn.
I wait with my fear.

Gone with the light.

Anonymous said...

really, jean...

only the shadow knows
for sure

and your hairdresser, too


boneman said...

first off, of course they see you. They reach out and grab your feet as you walk along. If every action has an opposite and equal reaction....what is the reaction of a shadow?

OK, that's silly. It never has a reaction because it has no voice.
On the other hand, Bird has a post MADE for aspiring young writers like you.

Irrelephant said...

I love it when you get all noir. *grin*

Jean said...

Anon, that's excellent! (Is that you, Cactus Mark?)

/t, I can guarantee my hairdresser isn't telling :-)

Berry, I went, I read, I was very impressed! Thanks.

Irrel... aw, shucks. hehe.