Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Our time now...

If you had been
here then,
Or, if I had been
there then,
Where might we
be now?

If chance had crossed
our paths,
If fate had worked
a way,
We'd still be here,
but more.

We missed those days
by much,
We lived those days
Let's not miss our
time now.


kdzu said...

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.
You're right, today is the time.
More is what we're all looking for.

Powerful, Jean. As usual!

Anonymous said...

Every time you do this, my poor little brain just wants to implode. Nice.

Jean said...

kdzu - just sayin', we can't go back to what we missed... or the people we might have missed, so enjoy the ones we know now as long as we can.

Jack - ...and still, you keep coming back. I'm glad, thanks.

Sparrow said...

Yes, Jean, and we've all known folks who can't get their heads and hearts out of the past and miss the present entirely. Which would result in a future where they regret the lost opportunities of now, preventing them from enjoying their time in the future, which would result in...ouch, I think I hurt myself...

Anonymous said...

I must be a masochist. Or maybe I just like the pain. Could be either one.

Rantin' Ron said...

Why is it I always feel SO incompetent when I read you?

Wait....don't answer that!

Brilliant darlin'.

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I'm, of course, with you on this one, Jean,


Jean said...

Sparrow - as usual, you get the meaning perfectly... no brain pain, though... please...:)

Jack - ha... short-lived pain, I hope.

Ron - incompetent has never been a word to describe you, dear man... thank you.

Valerie - yeah, we can relate, huh?
...hugs to you!

Scott from Oregon said...

The trick, it would seem to me, is to have a past you actually enjoyed...

Jean said...

Scott - that would be a trick, indeed.

Nea said...

As two ships passing in the night.......and then years later they colide......

I have often wished that timing had been more right during several instances in my life, but they weren't.......so if you get a second chance.....go for it,

Or if this is the first chance......and you are wishing you had met sooner, just remember, if even one tiny thing changes in the course of our life, the whole remainder might not be as it is........I often think of this when I am doing my own, what if's......

Mark said...

"Like a million crossroads,; on the back-streets of youth"

You'd like Rush.

Jean said...

Nea - I'm hoping the time is now... hoping.
(Please accept my condolences on the loss of your dear Lou... I know how much it hurts.)

Mark - Limbaugh?... oh, wait, maybe the band? I'll check 'em out... thanks.